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Are you training enough? 4 low-cost ways to do more

Training is the best way to increase skills, productivity and customer satisfaction. Yet, most organizations have cut back on it.

Only about 30% of companies have increased their investment in training in the last two years, a Promethean study recently found.

Not only does that stall employees’ skills growth, it can send this bad message: We don’t care about your development and career.

Training isn’t just a way to develop skills and broaden knowledge. Study after study shows it is a morale boost for employees. High performers are particularly motivated when given the opportunity to broaden their skills and experience.

So whether your contact center training budget has increased or not, make it a priority for all agents. Some ideas to stretch the budget:

  • Send one or two agents to off-site training and have them bring the knowledge back, training others on what they learned.
  • Spread the responsibility. Ask senior agents to head up sessions, picking topics based on their expertise.
  • Bring in your vendors. They often offer free training so everyone can better use their products.
  • Reach outside your walls. Industry and community leaders often offer free training (perhaps through your local chamber of commerce) for the exposure.

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