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Another benefit of training: Watch morale rise

The main course of training includes increased confidence and skills. It almost always comes with a side of boosted morale. Here’s how.

Training by itself will likely boost morale for a short time because it’s a diversion from the same routine.

More importantly, some training can help boost morale for the long run. Why? When agents are offered training, they know their company believes they’re important enough to invest in them. What’s more, training builds their confidence, making them happier with the work they produce.

But leaders can’t expect that a classroom training session on a software update will heighten the state of morale for long, or at all. Instead, leaders might try:

  • Sending agents to off-site training. Mingling with fellow agents and folks in a variety of industries will help them think broader and learn proven tactics. Events such as The ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference offer several learning tracks, and agents can customize their training.
  • Include some fun during in-house training. Open with teambuilding exercises. Close with a challenge for agents to put one learning point into a short poem.
  • Switch it up. Using a variety of people – outside trainers, fellow leaders from different areas of the company, veteran agents, etc. – will keep training more lively and agents more excited about it.

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