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One emotion you can’t let customers see

It’s normal for salespeople or customer service reps to feel anger, especially when they’re dealing with frustration, disappointment and negativity on a regular basis. But here are some career-changing facts about anger your employees need to know:

  • Anger causes separation. It pushes people away, scares them, and makes them fight back or shut down. Relationships don’t have room to breathe when they’re defined by anger. Remember that anger is not the fault of a prospect or customer. If you’re angry, look within yourself. Investigate what triggered the anger and your whole perspective may change.
  • Stories sustain anger. Angry stories barrel through our minds like an out-of-control train careening down the tracks. To find freedom from anger, try to recognize the story and see that repeating it doesn’t serve you. What happened, happened. How much longer are you going to let it be your ball and chain? Recognize that you bring the past into the present by repeating the story endlessly in your mind. Let it go.
  • Anger comes from an overblown sense of self-importance. What underlines anger are statements like, “I’m right,” or “I want it my way.” Recognize these “I” focused statements and know that they keep you locked into one way of thinking. Ask yourself: Does wanting to be right or wanting my own way help me with my prospects and customers?
  • Anger gets attention. Some people express anger to get attention. Depending on the circumstances, it may be a useful strategy — but not for sales and service personnel. Bring out the microscope when you’re angry, and you’ll find strong physical sensations — tightness, contraction, burning. None of these emotions will help move a customer relationship forward.

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