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Agents resisting even the smallest change?

Change for the better can’t happen in a contact center if agents don’t support it. Here’s how to win them over.

People’s immediate reaction is to resist change whether it’s big or small. Why? Most people don’t like to move outside their comfort zone.

So when change is afoot, customer loyalty expert Dianne Durkin recommends these steps to make it a positive experience for any contact center.

  1. Talk early and often. Tell agents about upcoming changes as soon as possible.
  2. Involve agents. Once the change is announced, ask agents for input on areas that they can still influence – training, timing, workload, deadlines, etc.
  3. Support agents. Beyond training, remain visible and available so agents can turn directly to someone with questions once you implement the changes.
  4. Continue the conversation. Talk about how the changes impact the big picture. Keep agents updated on progress.
  5. Reward agents for embracing the change and overcoming obstacles.

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