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9 non-cash incentives that boost morale

You don’t need a big budget to show contact center agents you appreciate them. Try some of these non-cash incentives.

They come from American Express’ OpenForum:

  1. Let agents dump one menial task that doesn’t provide much return.
  2. Name a conference room or lounge after an agent who reached a career benchmark.
  3. Let an agent work from the president’s office for a day.
  4. Give a prized piece of office furniture.
  5. Let agents suggest the ways they’d like to be recognized.
  6. Have the company’s top brass personally recognize agents.
  7. Offer an extra long lunch to enjoy with friends.
  8. Hand out a new job title and business cards.
  9. Have everyone in the office write something positive about the agent on a card, then frame it and give it to him or her.

Watch tomorrow’s post for more non-cash incentives.

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