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8 ways to get along with people you don’t like

In a contact center, you’re bound to work with someone – a co-worker or customer – who gets under your skin. Here’s how to make that relationship work.

You can make even the most troublesome situations bearable with these proven tips from HR expert Mel Kleiman’s book So You Got the Job, Now What?:

  1. Treat everyone with respect. You can disagree, but you don’t have to be disagreeable.
  2. When conflict arises, fix the problem. Avoid assigning blame.
  3. Talk about facts. Avoid opinions and feelings.
  4. Be prepared with solutions before discussing problems.
  5. Avoid name calling and criticizing people and personalities.
  6. Do what’s right, rather than focus on being right.
  7. Avoid gossiping about the person and the situation you face.
  8. In the end, you may have to agree to disagree, without coming to a resolution. Then move on.

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