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Worst work habits: 7 things that drive employees batty

Some people have awful work habits. Are you one of them in your contact center?

Experts (and people in cubicles everywhere) agree that these habits in the workplace should be put to rest.

  1. Procrastination. Everyone depends on you. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  2. Sloppiness. if you dress, communicate and maintain your work space in a messy manner others will judge you negatively.
  3. Being an opportunist. If you show up late because no one is checking, take the easy way out of everything possible because you can or never go above the call of duty because no one asked, you are annoying co-workers.
  4. Rigidness. On the other hand, if you live and die by the rules, never bending to accommodate others, co-workers will be annoyed.
  5. Being a protagonist. It’s OK to disagree when you have a valid point. It’s not OK to disagree just because you can.
  6. Crossing the line between informal and disrespectful. The boss may be friendly, and you may discuss some things informally. But if you take one step over into the disrespectful territory everyone will be bothered – including the person who can fire you.
  7. Badmouthing. Whether you talk badly online or in person about the company, co-workers or bosses, it’s always done in bad taste.

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