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7 ways to build greater customer loyalty

Agents are capable of amazing things. One of them being they can build fierce customer loyalty. Here’s how.

Let agents take the lead when it comes to building loyalty, suggests customer experience management expert Joe Calloway. After all, they have contact with  customers more than anyone else in an organization.

Agents can:

  1. Be a source of intelligence. Share information and insights that help
    customers succeed or enjoy work or life more. Send them links to Web
    postings, articles clipped from publications or details on an upcoming event.
  2. Be current. Customers’ needs and circumstances change often. Note changes when you hear of them so you can help them meet their newest circumstances.
  3. Stay on the honeymoon. Gestures of appreciation happen more often in the early stages of any relationship. Avoid the fizzle, and maintain the same amount of thanks (cards, discounts, conversations, etc.) throughout customer relationships.
  4. Let customers make you better. Don’t ask if they’re happy. Ask how
    you can do better. Then tell them what you did with their insight.
  5. Stay ahead of anyone trying to break you up. Competitors will try to steal your customers. Find out what they offer, and do what you can to be better than them.
  6. Continuously audit your “easy to do business with” factor. Look at each touch point (for instance, delivery, phone access, Web site and anywhere else customers interact with you) for ways to make it even easier and enjoyable for customers.
  7. Visit customers. When possible, go on a delivery, meet for a meal or arrange a video chat. Coming together to thank customers breeds loyalty.

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