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7 tips to improve your website

Is your website ready to make a great first impression? Run down this list to find out.

On two occasions, we’ve given you different reasons why your website may be turning away customers. Now here are seven ways you can improve your site to keep customers on it:

1. Keep your pages uniform. Whenever possible, use the same basic layout across your entire website. Different banners or color schemes on different pages is disorienting. You don’t want customers thinking they’ve been transferred to a different site when they follow a link.

2. Display pricing information. If you can’t give pricing, direct visitors to someone who can. If customers are comparison shopping and can’t find your prices, they’ll likely move on to a competitor.

3. Avoid PDFs. They’re a hassle for the customer. They often need to be downloaded, and sometimes your site’s visitors won’t have the proper software to view the file. PDFs can be convenient for printing, but avoid using them when you can display the same information on a page of your website. Plus, displaying the content on a webpage can boost SEO.

4. Increase scanability. Large blocks of text can be intimidating, so try to break your content into smaller paragraphs or bullet points. Use bold text to highlight key points. Incorporate pictures, but remember that it’s generally a good idea not to go image-crazy. Images increase download time and can be hard to view on mobile devices.

5. Direct links to open in the same browser. If every link opens a new browser, you’ll be filling the customer’s monitor with unwanted and unnecessary clutter.

6. Remove the superfluous. Avoid blinking content and think twice before you use a GIF. Unless you’re marketing to kids, it’s likely to be seen as unprofessional.

7. Only ask for registration if it’s necessary. Some websites greet visitors with a pop-up asking them to become a member by submitting personal information. But it’s always better to display an unintrusive link on the homepage customers can follow if they’d like member benefits. And when it comes time to check-out, require as few steps as possible. The more steps required, the less likely the customer will make it to completion– so offer the option to check out as a guest.

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