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7 things that kill customer satisfaction

Most customers still call the contact center. This is what drives customers crazy about making those calls.

Even with the convenience of chat, email and online self service, customers call more than anything else.

But it’s not because they love the phone. In fact, Forbes researchers found this is what frustrates customers most about contact centers. We’ve included tips on how to avoid those frustrations.

  1. We wait on hold too long. If you can’t possibly answer calls personally, change your IVR to 1) let customers know how long they’ll wait for an agent, and 2) give customers an option for a call back when an agent is available.
  2. We have to repeat information to several agents. Agents should only practice “soft” transfers – when they introduce customers, their issues and account information to a third person and hang up when the two have started talking.
  3. No one has the answers I need. Train. Train. And train again.
  4. Someone tried to sell to me. Hard and fast rule for every contact center: Don’t try to offer customers products or services until their current issue is fully resolved to their satisfaction.
  5. No one is flexible. Translation: Customers want options. If you can’t do exactly what they want, offer two alternative solutions. They’ll like one.
  6. The company is too slow in addressing my concerns. Return calls within a day, emails within two hours and respond to all surveys within a week of receiving them.
  7. Agents are NOT personable. Soft skill train. Soft skill train. And soft skill train again.

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