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6 things customers wish you knew about them

Fast or thorough? Consistent or unexpected? Convenient or personal? Find out what customers really prefer.

You might think you know everything about customers — after all, you deal with them all day, every day.

But in the midst of getting what they need when they contact your center, they might not mention what they really like.

This SocialMediaToday guide from marketing expert Anita Loomba will show you things customers really want:

  1. Make it good before you make it fast. Customers appreciate competent, knowledgeable and thorough help more than a quick answer — even when they’re in a hurry.
  2. Surprise me. One of the most lasting experiences (thus, most talked about) are those that are unexpected. Many customers will choose a surprise upgrade from time to time over a consistent low-value discount.
  3. We’ll pay more for a personal experience. Studies show that wait staff who give their name get higher tips. Wait staff who touch customers (perhaps a gentle tap on the shoulder after ordering what was recommended) increased tips even more. Bottom line: Make service as personal as possible and customers will go out of their way for it.
  4. We’ll be loyal if you help us get started. Customers like loyalty plans — as long as you help them get involved and keep them abreast of where they stand on them, and how close they are to receiving their rewards.
  5. We like stories about other customers and successes. Customers want to hear about other customers’ experiences with your company, products and services. It encourages them to buy more.
  6. Talk time, not money. These days, more customers value their time over their money. So they’re interested in how you and your products will save them time or enhance the time they have, rather than how they will save them money.

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