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No one cares? 7 reasons agents are disengaged

Does it ever seem like your agents care more about what’s going on after work than their actual work? Here are the top 7 reasons they’re so disengaged – and how you can bring them back.

The good news: You can do something to get them to be engaged again, look forward to doing their jobs, care about customers and take pride in their efforts.

Manpower found these were the biggest engagement killers in the workplace.

  1. Lack of dignity and respect. People who are treated poorly will always perform poorly.
  2. Not knowing how they benefit from doing well. Everyone needs (not just wants) to know what’s in it for them when they’re assigned duties, given goals to meet or asked to expand roles.
  3. Being hand-tied. Employees who can’t use their strengths at work will never have a chance to shine and be recognized.
  4. Working for uncaring supervisors. Agents know when the boss doesn’t care – even if he pretends to care.
  5. Too much talk, not enough listening. Leaders who talk, and don’t take time to hear what employees say, will lose loyalty and attention.
  6. Too many restrictions. A lack of flexibility in how the job is done will stifle good employees.
  7. Not enough face time. Agents crave the boss’s attention.

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