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7 phrases customers love to hear

In the customer experience, too much kindness is never enough. 

So you want to use words that exude kindness, professionalism and gratitude as much as possible with your customers.

Here are seven phrases customers won’t tire of hearing and why they’re important for the experience:

‘That’s fantastic!’

… or  something enthusiastically similar such as, “That’s great!” or “Sounds perfect!”

Positive phrases delivered with enthusiasm make customers feel like you’re interested in what they have to say and are their advocate for what they need. Customers will never complain about talking with someone who is positive and upbeat.

‘Tell me if I understand what you said’

Establishing mutual understanding early in conversations is essential to resolving issues correctly and answering questions effectively the first time.

When you ask customers to “tell me if I understand what you said,” you give them room to clarify and yourself time to make sure you have the issue and solution right.

‘Let’s try to find a solution’

This phrase delivers a one-two punch of kindness.

When you say, “Let’s,” you tell customers you’re in this together. When you say, “solution,” you tell them that there will be a satisfying result.

‘You’re absolutely correct. Let’s look into this’

Whether customers alert you to issues or share an idea, the sooner you tell them they’re onto something, the better they feel about contacting you.

Telling them they’re correct makes them more sure about their relationship with your organization.

‘One way to do that is …’

This phrase works especially well when you might otherwise say, “You should have …”

It’s also a kind, polite way to give any kind of instruction because it sounds more like guidance and less like a command.

‘I’m happy to …’

First, “happy” is a word that makes a positive impression. Second, this phrase suggests you aren’t just doing your job. It tells customers you like doing the job of helping them.

‘Thank you’

It can’t be said enough in the customer experience. Thank customers for contacting you, letting you help them, continuing to do business with you, sharing their story, etc.

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