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7 illnesses every contact center agent faces

Contact center work is stressful and can be dangerous to your health. Here are the top seven illnesses found in contact centers and how you can avoid them:

Experts at HealthMad found these ailments abound in call centers.

  1. High blood pressure. Stress, smoking and unhealthy eating and exercise habits contribute to hypertension. Tip: Join friends to vent, walk and grab an apple during breaks. It’s better than bottling up anxiety, smoking and eating excessive chocolate.
  2. Respiratory problems. Because so many people move through contact centers, they’re often breeding grounds for communicable diseases (such as flu and pneumonia) that cause breathing issues. Tip: Clean hands and communal surfaces often.
  3. Anemia. Studies show that working overnight shifts, which are common in contact centers, can interfere with blood production. So overnight workers end up with iron deficiencies. Tip: Fill up on iron-rich foods such as broccoli, lean meats and beans.
  4. Ear infection/acoustic shock. Ear problems can come from too much background noise, sudden loud noises and constant loud voices on the phone. Tip: Try sound-absorbing walls in your contact center. Equip agents with volume controls on their phones.
  5. Voice loss. Too much talking can lead to vocal cord strain. It’s better to listen more than talk anyway. Tip: Give agent’s regular breaks and time off the phone to do back-office work. Drink often when talking to customers to keep vocal cords lubricated.
  6. Ulcer. Because it’s demanding work, agents often don’t take proper breaks and slow down, leading to ulcers. Tip: Make sure agents take breaks away from their desks and encourage them to do relaxing things. Also insist they use their vacation time.
  7. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Excess typing and texting lead to carpal tunnel problems. Tip: Take frequent breaks from typing and click here for exercises to prevent carpal tunnel issues.

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