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7 ‘bad boss’ moves – and how to steer clear of them

No contact center leader wants to be a bad boss. But if you pick up some poor habits, you might become one.

What’s even worse about these habits is they can be contagious. Agents who work for bosses who act this way often become that way, too.

Then guess what? Customers experience that treatment. Poor management will lead to employee and customer turnover.

Here’s what contact center leaders must avoid:

  1. Poor communication. If the boss fails to send the right messages up and down the chains of command, employees will become resentful and fill the gaps with gossip and lies. Regularly tell agents what your boss says, and relay their feedback up to the powers-that-be.
  2. Lack of trust. Micro-management is the biggest sign that a boss doesn’t trust his or her agents. When possible, give agents an assignment and let them design the implementation.
  3. Disorganization and indecision. Employees can’t work well in a completely unstructured environment. Leaders need to maintain an organized area so decisions can be made in a timely fashion and employees can follow suit.
  4. Bullying. Some managers believe they can only get people to listen by intimidation and threats. The opposite is true. The boss needs to gain buy-in by involving agents in decisions, then gaining their respect so they want to follow the leader, not have to follow.
  5. Discourtesy. Leaders must treat agents with dignity and courtesy at all times. Period.
  6. Avoidance. Managers who are scarcely seen are scarcely liked. Face time is important to employees. Schedule one-on-one sessions with direct reports at least monthly.
  7. Lying. Employees will always see through lies – and dislike and distrust the boss who tells them. Cushion bad news with sympathy and criticism with kindness, but always tell the truth.

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