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7 fears that keep agents up at night

What keeps agents on edge at work and up at night? A new survey reveals employees’ worst fears.

Everyone gets butterflies in their stomachs before a new task or presentation. Now here’s the everyday stuff that gives employees the most angst, according to the CareerBuilder survey:

  • Getting yelled at by the boss (26%)
  • Forgetting to set the alarm and oversleeping (23%)
  • Presenting (18%)
  • Accidentally hitting “reply all” on an email message intended for only one person’s eyes (15%)
  • Meeting with executives (11%)
  • Any meeting (11%)
  • Getting caught looking at inappropriate website (9%)

While many fears are natural and are not something contact center leaders can help agents avoid (after all, a “reply all” is the sender’s fault), the biggest issue is in the hands of leaders: public criticism.

Contact center leaders must follow the old reliable adage: Praise publicly, criticize privately.

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