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Words to avoid: 6 phrases to leave at home

Whether you say these things to customers, the boss or co-workers, expect some backlash.

Experts, employers and employees alike agree these words shouldn’t be spoken in the contact center:

  1. “That’s not my job.” If a customer or the boss asked you to do it, it’s now part of your job. Figure out a way to get it done, rather than a way to pass the buck.
  2. “Don’t tell anyone I told you …” Never share secrets with customers or co-workers. If you have to start a sentence with this phrase, end it there.
  3. “It’s not my fault.” That may be true, but the issue was brought to you because someone (a customer or boss) thinks you can fix it. Take responsibility for the solution. Say, “Although I don’t know how it happened, I can do this to fix it …”
  4. “I got so trashed last night.” Substance use of any kind isn’t meant for workplace fodder. It will hurt credibility.
  5. “To be honest with you …” This suggests you weren’t honest up to that point.
  6. “Yeah, no problem.” This is usually said with sarcasm. Say, “Yes,” “Certainly, I can.” If there’s an issue, address it before agreeing to do something so no one is disappointed.

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