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6 worst behaviors in a contact center

No one wants to bug fellow agents. But you might be if you commit any of these workplace faux pas.

Some of these may even be grounds for dismissal.

  1. Gossiping. Tune it out. Don’t pass it along.
  2. Chronic lateness. It eventually adds up to hours and weeks of missed work time, and others – who cover for it – will resent the person who does it.
  3. Inappropriate dress. Whether it’s too risque or just plain sloppy, co-workers and bosses notice when people aren’t dressed as they should be. And they’ll be bothered or distracted by it.
  4. Excessive cell phone use. Whether it’s used in the break room, outside or in a cubicle, too much cell phone use causes agents to lose their work focus.
  5. Rudeness. Failing to greet others, being sarcastic or saying clearly mean things are just a few forms of bullying others.
  6. Making excuses. People who blame others, don’t get their work done or take credit for others’ work will set themselves up to lose friends and fail at work.

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