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5 ways contact center agents can boost the bottom line (no selling required!)

Contact center agents can boost the bottom line without even trying to sell. Here’s how:

These behaviors make customers develop loyalty to your company and want to buy more:

  1. Smile. It creates an energy that can be felt by customers through the phone. It makes a lasting first impression.
  2. Use names more often. When you use customers’ names they feel remembered and will come back to a place where they feel welcome.
  3. Find common ground. Customers will buy more from people and places where they feel they have friends. Try to find a common interest just outside of business – such as hometowns, sports teams, hobbies or books.
  4. Show appreciation. The more you thank customers (for everything from buying to reporting issues) the more they’ll want to come back.
  5. Be positive. When you chose upbeat words and an enthusiastic tone, customers will catch on to it.

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