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6 keys to surviving in a contact center

Life in a contact center can be hectic, fun and unpredictable. That isn’t the only truth the professionals who work in them should know.

Here’s the good, bad and what is reality in a contact center.

  1. You will always face problems. The ship will seldom sail smoothly. Whether there’s a spike in demand, conflict amongst agents or budget woes, the next issue will come soon. The good news: As a contact center pro, you will always know how to adapt and overcome.
  2. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Your boss, customers and co-workers aren’t mind readers. Never assume they won’t or can’t do what you need until you ask.
  3. You can’t fix other people. You won’t make mean customers nice. You can’t make difficult co-workers easy going. What you can do: Change how you react to them and understand that everyone is on his or her own journey.
  4. Everybody is doing the best he or she can. Avoid blaming customers, co-workers and even your boss for things that aren’t going your way. As they say, some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.
  5. You can only be here now. Demands are almost everywhere at all times in a contact center – not to mention what life demands of you, too. Be mindful that right now is all you have. Be present for it and do your best to make it right.
  6. It’s not meant to be a struggle. Despite all the things that can (and do) go wrong in the contact center, you might be making work harder than it has to be. Roll with the punches. Learn from mistakes. Relish the victories.

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