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6 quick ways to make the next call the best

Agents don’t have to move mountains or throw in freebies to impress customers. Instead, they can use these six tactics to make conversations rewarding.

The ideas come from Super Service authors Val and Jeff Gee.

  1. Breathe before picking up the phone to lift the energy in your voice.
  2. Keep the greeting simple. Tell customers where they’ve called and who you are. If you say your name last, they’ll likely use it. Example: “Hello, ABC Co., I’m Sue.”
  3. Listen attentively. When picking up the line, put down everything else – email, beverages, paperwork, etc.
  4. Take notes. Use a note pad or desktop for key points customers make. Then use their exact words when verifying information.
  5. Visualize customers. To connect better, think about who they are and the circumstances they face. Empathy for the situation will come across in the phone conversation.
  6. Stay focused until the very end. The last 30 seconds of a phone conversation is when customers finalize their opinion of the experience.

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