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5 lies agents don’t know they’re telling (and customers hate)

You think you don’t lie to customers, but those little white lies count. You want to avoid these top offenders.

Lies usually happen when agents have customers’ best interest in mind, don’t have the most up-to-date information or are just misinformed.

But no matter the reason for a lie, customers don’t want to hear these:

  1.  “That’s a great choice.” Trying to compliment customers shouldn’t trump giving good advice. If you think customers have made a bad choice, suggest something that might fit their needs better.
  2. “I think you should try …” On the other hand, steering customers to something that doesn’t fit their needs (but needs to be sold) will disappoint them in the end. Instead, focus on the right fit all of the time.
  3. “It’s the best.” It’s good that agents believe in their companies products and services. But the only time agents want to tell customers that theirs is superior is when it’s backed by research. Then they should also cite that research.
  4. “That’s the way we always do it.” Although many customer service situations are similar, no two are the same. And customers know you don’t do the same thing over and over. Let them feel special. Tell them: “Here’s what I’ll do for you in this situation.”
  5. “You need this warranty (add-on, other product, etc.)” Most often, customers don’t need a complementary service or product, but it’s a good idea that they get it – to increase the life or quality of the product, for example. Instead, say “I suggest you add this warranty because …”

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