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5 ways to show your customers the love today (and every day)

There’s no time like the present to show customers the love they deserve (and crave). Try these tactics.

Even better, these are ways to show your appreciation every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Send a note. No need to send a heart-decorated card with corny sentiments of love. A handwritten note on company letterhead, thanking customers for their loyalty, speaks volumes. Agents can probably write a few each day.
  2. Reward referrals. Ask customers to pass along the word about your great service to friends and family. When those people become new customers, reward the referring customers with discounts or a free product.
  3. Be flexible. Give customers options whenever possible, or invite them to set terms so they feel more comfortable with your organization.
  4. Get personal. Agents can ask about the things that are important to them – family, hobbies, business interests – when there’s a wait for information to be retrieved during conversations. Even better, agents can share common interests to build a stronger bond.
  5. Stay connected. Regularly check on customers‘ history of contacting you. When there are long lapses, reach out to them, asking if they’ve had a change in status and if there’s anything you can do.

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