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5 ways to make transactional emails better

Those easy emails – the kind you send to confirm orders or to notify customers of a shipment or order changes – can be so much more than transactional messages. When done well, they can be customer relationship builders.

We often overlook the potential value of these short, informative messages. About half of customers expect product promotions in confirmation emails and shipping status alerts, according to the 3rd Annual MyBuys/E-Tailing Group consumer survey.

Build the experience

You can maximize the impact of the often short messages and help create better customer experience with these tips, according to experts at MarketLive:

  • Match the design, style and tone of the message with other sales or shopping material. An awkward, auto-response with no connection to the brand will make customers wonder if their order will be fulfilled correctly.
  • Restate order details prominently by the product name, not a number or description, and include any pricing discounts given.
  • Give the estimated delivery date to proactively address customers’ biggest concern. You can give them exact date or time after the shipment actually goes out.
  • Promote the customer service contact details — such as 800-numbers, email addresses and hours of service — so customers know immediately how to get help. Another way to be proactive: Offer short details on how to handle changes, cancellations and returns.
  • Contact them again. Create some special reason for communication after the initial transaction and delivery to re-engage customers and foster a better relationship. Invite them to review products, replenish items or to place a new order with a promotion. The key is to deliver the message while the information is relevant and timely.

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