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5 ways to improve your job postings (and find the best candidates)

Post your job openings the right way, and you’ll get the right people in your contact center. Here’s proven help.

You can avoid weeding through a stack of unqualified applications. Plus, you’ll save job seekers who aren’t the right fit from submitting a resume, says David Henry, marketing director for Try these tips:

  • Skip the jargon. Avoid industry buzzwords and terms that will surely be misunderstood by job seekers.
  • Narrow your focus. Don’t do a nationwide search if you want a local candidate.
  • Include the salary range. It’s a good indication of the experience you need – and will eliminate candidates who want more than you can offer.
  • Use a familiar title. Even if your company has fun with titles, post something that makes sense to job seekers.
  • Detail what’s great about working for your company. Avoid sugarcoating anything.
  • Try social media. Job seekers are looking to Twitter and LinkedIn for positions these days.

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