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5 things customers value most from your contact center

You might be measuring too many – or the wrong – things in your contact center. This is what really matters to most customers.

Average handle time and first call resolution seem like important things to measure (and they are, to a certain degree). But the most important things to measure are the factors that mean the most to customers, says Richard Hanks, author of Delivering and Measuring Customer Service.

Here’s what matters most to customers – and questions you can include in surveys to rate each component.

  • Reliability. Customers expect that you’ll deliver and perform as promised. Question to ask: “Did we meet the promises we made?”
  • Responsiveness. You can show you care with speed, concern and knowledge. Question to ask: “Did our responses meet your expectations?”
  • Assurance. Customers want to work with companies and people who know their stuff with total confidence, are credible and offer a secure relationship. Question to ask: “How confident do you feel doing business with us?”
  • Empathy. Employees who deal with customers must prove they understand circumstances and feelings. Question to ask: “Do you feel your needs were understood and addressed?”
  • Tangibles. Professional appearances – from building aesthetics to phone demeanor – are important to customers. Question to ask: “Did we present ourselves professionally?”

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