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5 holiday office party mistakes — and how to avoid them

Whether you look forward to or dread the contact center holiday get-together, you’ll want to avoid these party mistakes.

Enjoy your time socializing with colleagues, bosses and even customers. But don’t make mistakes that can hurt your career, says Andrew Sobel, author of Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others.

Avoid these faux pas:

  • Imbibing too much. It’s the first rule of every office party. Too much alcohol may lead you to saying or doing something you wouldn’t do while perfectly sober. Rule of thumb: One drink per hour.
  • Trying to be clever or smart. Instead, go into the party with thoughtful questions in mind that you can ask colleagues and bosses you don’t know well. Find out more about them, their careers and goals. The more you hear, the more likely you can fit your own career ambitions into the plan. Some examples: “What was the most fulfilling part of your work this year?” “What was the most challenging part of your job?” “How did you get your start?”
  • Making inappropriate comments. It’s best to steer clear of comments and questions about the opposite gender’s appearance or dress. Even good-intentioned remarks (“Nice dress”) can come across inappropriately in a social setting.
  • Revealing too much. This mistake can cover what you say or wear (or lack of). Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean you should talk or dress as if you’re at a nightclub with friends. Keep conversations professional, attire modest.

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