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5 ways to bounce back from a customer’s verbal attack

Hotheaded customers can get your blood boiling, too. After you’ve helped them, try these top tips to make yourself feel better.

You can get over the tough situation before it stresses you by using these techniques from The Mayo Clinic:

  1. Take a time out. Get away from the situation for a few minutes – even if you just close your eyes and count to 10 slowly.
  2. Let it out. Once you’re calm, write down your frustrations or tell them quietly to a friend.
  3. Take a walk. Physical activity gives an outlet for emotions. Walk around the building or take a longer jaunt on a break.
  4. Lighten up. Look for something to make your laugh – a favorite comic, a colleague who is funny or a YouTube video, etc.
  5. Don’t hold a grudge. Forget the customer and the incident. Putting it behind you and forgiving what happened will create a more positive environment.

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