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Customer service stories that will warm your heart

Extraordinary deeds done in otherwise ordinary situations. Random acts of kindness. Great efforts by people “just doing their jobs.” Here are stories of heartwarming customer service.

Here are five stories of outstanding service that will make your day:

1. The machine that says ‘thank you’

TD Bank turned Automatic Transaction Machines (ATMs) into Automatic Thanking Machines and showed customers appreciation beyond the banking norm.

When more than a dozen customers showed up to take money from an ATM machine in Canada, they walked away with much more fitting gifts. The machine — which was rigged so an associate could verbally interact with the customers — handed out flowers and plane tickets to a mother who’s daughter was battling cancer in Trinidad. It gave away Blue Jay tickets, a visit from a player and chance to throw out a first pitch to a hardworking fan. The ATM also handed over piggy banks and Disney tickets to a mother who has never taken her kids on a trip.

Grab a tissue, and see the amazing customer experiences.


2. Tie up the loose ends

When a nervous teenage boy showed up at Target in North Carolina, needing a clip-on tie for a job interview, he was disappointed to find out the store didn’t sell them.

But he was lucky to get help from employee Dennis Roberts, who not only showed him a regular tie, but also taught him how to tie it.

Roberts didn’t stop there. He also gave the young man advice on how to answer the most common interview questions and how to give a professional handshake.

Then, as the kid left the store, Roberts and a group of employees cheered him on to success in his job interview (which he aced and landed the job).

3. Turn it around

This is one exceptional customer service story that turned into two.

When waitress Liz Woodward saw two firefighters sit down in her section at a New Jersey diner, she knew why they looked tired. They’d been battling a nearby, day-long fire that was shown on the news.

She served them their meals and big mugs of coffee, then picked up their tab, writing this on their receipt:

“Your breakfast is on me today — Thank you for all that you do; for serving others & for running into the places everyone else runs away from. No matter your role, you are courageous, brave, and strong… Thank you for being bold and badass everyday! Fueled by fire and driven by courage — what an example you are. Get some rest.”

Liz Woodward image

Liz Woodward image

In turn, they posted it on the social media and encouraged their fellow firefighters to eat at the diner and tip her well.

Not long after that, they found out that Liz’s father was a quadriplegic, and she had established a GoFundMe campaign to help him get a special wheel chair for $17,000. The firefighters appealed to their colleagues and friends on social media to help — and raised $67,000!

4. Show the concern

Kirk Alexander was a predictable, loyal customer to his local Domino’s in Salem, OR. The manager knew him by his regular orders. Employees knew him from taking the orders. Drivers knew him from almost daily deliveries.

And they all got worried when he didn’t order for a week. Other businesses might have chalked it up to a customer moving on or trying something new. But manager Sarah Fuller didn’t.

She had longtime driver Tracey Hamblen stop by Alexander’s house just to check in. The driver heard a television and saw the inside lights on, but the customer didn’t come to the door or answer the phone.

So the driver called 911. Shortly after, first responders found Alexander, who suffers from severe health issues, in need of immediate help.

Thanks to the Domino’s crew, the customer was helped and is doing well.

5. Do the unexpected

Most people know CVS will help them get their prescriptions, toilet paper and body lotion. But would you expect a tire change from the health and drug store?

Probably not, unless you were one of the thousands of people who’ve been on the receiving end of the CVS Good Samaritan Van. More than 35 years ago, the single CVS van in Woonsocket, RI, started helping stranded motorists in the Blizzard of 78.

Today, thousands of people in cities from Boston to Indianapolis have had tires changed, gas tanks filled and mechanical issues fixed — all at no cost — by members of the CVS Good Samaritan fleet.

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