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5 cheap ways to keep service pros happy

Studies show when front-line customer service pros are happy, they’re contagious: Customers (even those calling with complaints) will be pleasant, too. That has to be reason enough to keep your service reps smiling.

Contact center leaders want to make efforts every week, if not every day, to keep morale high, according to employee relations expert Ivy Meadors.

Take the lead

Here are five things that don’t cost a fortune you can do to raise the happiness level in your contact center:

  • Write a note — as in, don’t type an email, text or tweet. Actually shoot off handwritten thank-you notes for extra efforts or outstanding jobs. You’ll likely see reps post them with pride.
  • Give candy with a message — An M-azing bar for an amazing effort, a roll of Lifesavers for a customer-saving job, a Mars or Milky Way for out-of-this-world performance. At Sleep Country USA, the founder gives notes with a piece of Extra gum for workers’ extra efforts.
  • Recognize special occasions. You probably acknowledge employees’ birthdays and anniversaries. Take it a step further: Give a card for their kids’ birthdays or send flowers if a loved one is sick. Showing you care about their personal lives raises morale.
  • Get their opinions. If they’re asked about important stuff, reps will more likely feel vested in the company. At Guardian Industries, employees were asked for opinions on scheduling. When their input was used, the company’s already low attrition rate fell even more.
  • Offer challenges, but don’t force them. Some people are fueled by a new opportunity. Others like the status quo. Ask who wants to spearhead changes or work on a new project. Those who do will be inspired by it. Those who don’t will be happy keeping the service ship afloat.

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