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Tips to re-energize your customer service staff

On some days, customer service professionals seem to get knocked down more than a prize fighter. As a result, they could benefit greatly from management using these tactics for re-energizing customer-facing employees.

Demanding customers and tough situations have been known to wear down even the hardiest customer service reps.

More leadership, less money

When the going gets tough, customer service pros require better management, not more money — something nearly every boss should be able to afford to do, according to customer service and loyalty expert Dianne Durkin.

Here are four ways to keep front-line employees energized through tough times:

  1. Give them a louder voice. Create regular focus groups of customer service pros who volunteer to give feedback on company and customer issues. Give them top-down information and ask for their feedback and ideas on company-wide initiatives.
  2. Clear the road. One thing that can be more frustrating than jabs from customers is a roadblock that gets in reps’ way of doing things quickly. When you have focus group meetings, ask participants to identify processes, events and paperwork that get in their way. Then take steps to eliminate those issues.
  3. Show more appreciation. When you see good work, say it. Send an email, give a pat on the back or announce it in meetings. A boss who recognizes people will create employees who do it also. Then everyone will have a hand in keeping up morale.
  4. Make dreams come true. Find out what employees dream of having or doing, and see what you can do to fulfill those dreams. One company found that employee requests typically aren’t over-the-top, and by helping them reach those dreams it cut turnover by 35%.

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