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4 ways to help service pros become service and sales pros

Most contact centers face an identity change these days – from a strictly customer service operation to a service and sales operation. Here’s how to ready agents.

Agents who already shine as service pros can outdo themselves as sales pros, too, with these tips:

  • Show the process. They’re experts at taking orders. Make them more comfortable with the whole sales process by letting them see how orders are fulfilled.
  • Start slowly and gain wins. Avoid pressuring agents to sell. Give them a short tag to use at the end of conversations to cross- or up-sell.
  • Remind them to consider it “supersizing.” Who hasn’t been asked to supersize a meal? Try that approach to see if more or other products or services are a good fit for customers.
  • Review. Not every service pro is cut out to sell. Let those who are comfy selling, do it. Let others stick to service.

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