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4 ways to better manage at-home agents

If you’re like most contact center leaders these days, you have agents working from home. Here are four ways to keep them happy and on track.

These top tips are from Bright Hub writer Linda Richter:

  1. Establish clear expectations. Maybe more so than anyone in the office, at-home agents need daily, weekly and monthly goals and deadlines. Also include them in performance contests.
  2. Communicate openly and often. Call and e-mail daily. Have them visit the office quarterly, if possible. Cover what’s going on in the office, industry and with customers.
  3. Use, but don’t abuse, technology. E-mail and online communication are important for staying in touch but can become a distraction. If necessary, install software that won’t allow employees to get online at certain times.
  4. Encourage a regular work schedule. Assign certain hours that must be covered and require employees to have child and/or pet care for that time. For paperwork, be more flexible. If agents need to work at 1 a.m. to finish a project, so be it.

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