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4 ways agents can train each other

Customer care agents turn to each other for informal help all the time. So why not let them formally train each other, too?

When agents need help answering a customer question, nearly 45% of them ask another agent, an SQM Group survey found.

Capitalize on those informal lessons with scheduled peer-to-peer training. Here’s how:

  1. Sit side-by-side. Cut down on the number of times agents turn to each other for help while they’re talking to customers. Instead, have agents show each other exactly where to find the info by giving them time to shadow each other. Use slow afternoons as side-by-side training time for agents to point out where they find important and updated details.
  2. Lunch and learn. Have agents share their expertise in a particular area (assign them based on their strengths or ask for volunteers) during lunch breaks. Provide food, and ask the participants to come ready to take notes and ask questions.
  3. Share from a conference. If your training budget is tight, send one or two service pros to an outside conference, requiring them to take notes and gather info to share. When they come back, they can lead training with the new material.
  4. Spread what they’ve read, used. Encourage reps to circulate articles they’ve read and notes on shortcuts and best practices they use. Give them notebooks to keep the ideas handy and time to regularly look at and update them.


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