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4 tips for delivering better-than-ever online service

The popularity of online service will only grow bigger. Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.

Even customers who like to call have come around to doing a few things online these days. These four tips from experts at Practical eCommerce will help you deliver online service even better.

  1. Give customers easy access to contact information. Although the purpose of online service is to keep customers online (and off the phone), it’s still vital that you keep company contact info or access to contact center pros easy. Post phone numbers, email addresses and links to chat on every web page.
  2. Update online FAQs frequently. Contact centers can divert a large number of calls and email if they keep their FAQ pages up to date, putting the most pertinent questions and answers at the top of the page. That may change every month, week or even day.
  3. Carefully choose who delivers online service. Conventional wisdom might suggest that younger, tech- and social media-savvy agents take care of the bulk of customers online. But the same rules for phone service should apply: Well-trained agents who make customers feel delighted and satisfied will deliver the best online service, too.
  4. Pay attention to feedback. Measure satisfaction with online services as diligently as you do phone service. Regularly ask customers for feedback on all the channels you offer. And ask them what channels they’d like to see you offer. Use their thoughts to guide your approach.

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