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4 things you should never say in a coaching session

Coaching sessions are meant to improve performance. But if the coach says the wrong thing, performance may slip.

When sitting side-by-side with agents, coaches want to avoid these phrases, which can hurt morale.

  1. “You always …” Yes, agents screw up sometimes, but they probably don’t do the wrong thing all the time. Instead: “I noticed that you failed to fill out this paperwork on Monday and Tuesday.”
  2. “You  never …” Same idea. Agents sometimes get it right. Instead: “I heard you hang up without confirming the customer was satisfied with your answer three times this afternoon.”
  3. “Let me do this …” Agents won’t learn if they can’t practice what is taught. Do it once, then make them repeat the behavior or skill immediately in front of you.
  4. “You should do this better.” No need to say this because it’s the obvious reason for the coaching session. Instead, give specific instructions on how to do the task better.

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