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4 signs an agent doesn’t care anymore

Some people show up for work, but their hearts aren’t in it anymore.

That might be a good time to give morale a boost, start some coaching or help apathetic agents find other opportunities.

But how do you know if an agent is in a short-term rut or has totally lost interest?

Watch for the degree of these signs that agents don’t care:

  1. They don’t interact like people. Agents who’ve taken on a robotic tone and move through the motions of a transaction aren’t really interacting. They’re on autopilot. If they’re still acting this way after soft-skill coaching, they won’t likely gain back interest.
  2. They don’t go the extra mile. Agents who just follow the baseline protocol, rather than see what they can do for customers in special circumstances, are just getting by. Try giving them some time away from their normal duties to shake up their interest again.
  3. They transfer more than ever. Whether they ask colleagues for help, managers to take over or point blame elsewhere, they’ve lost interest in true problem-solving. They might need to stretch their creative muscle more, so a different or expanded role may get them out of the rut.
  4. They rarely follow up. Agents who focus on what customers want, not what they need, are likely becoming close minded. They aren’t seeing the big picture and have dug themselves into a monotonous work habit. This might be a good time to try more skills-based training, so they’re reminded of the tools at hand and the freedom they have to use them.

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