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4 rewards that don’t work in a contact center

Your contact center employees may never tell you this, so we will: These are the rewards that almost never work to motivate staff.

Everyone has good intentions when they try these common reward and recognition plans, but front-line agents say the ideas are nothing to get excited about, according to research by the Ascent Group.

Employees say …

Here’s what to avoid:

  • Rewards for meeting company goals. While they look good on paper, company-related goals usually don’t trickle down well. Front-line people don’t see how their roles can influence the big picture. Better idea: Set smaller goals and explain how they fit into the big picture — and have an executive give praise for the contribution.
  • Limited-power rewards. Most employees like to nominate each other for doing something well — and then see each other rewarded. But they don’t like making nominations and then leaving it up to managers to decide who gets recognized. Better idea: Give small rewards to anyone recommended for doing well. Then let everyone vote on who deserves a larger award.
  • Top performance rewards. It’s important to reward people for doing something spectacular. But consistency is important, too. If the people who deliver consistently aren’t rewarded, morale suffers. Better idea: Set goals that consistent performers can reach — and encourage them to aim higher.
  • Strictly cash. Cash may be king, but it has a short-lived reign. Employees admitted in the Ascent Group study they quickly forgot why they earned it. Better idea: Alternate small cash rewards — not bonuses included in paychecks, which are even less memorable — with honor rewards, such as plaques, certificates or events where your people are recognized.

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