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4 reasons you don’t want young agents running your social media

At first, it might make sense to put your twenty-something agents on the front of your social media sites. But these four reasons will make you want to reconsider.

New-to-the-professional workplace agents are usually energetic, impressionable and tech savvy. But that doesn’t make them a natural fit for the contact center’s social media plan.

It’s been known to backfire because younger agents:

  • lack business acumen. Because they’re fresh out of school, and haven’t been on the professional scene long, they aren’t well-versed in business etiquette and your brand.
  • don’t fully understand your business goals. It takes time, and those are an important part of the message you want on social media.
  • are risk-takers. They’re used to shooting from the hip and may take unnecessary risks with how they handle customers in a very public way.
  • don’t provide a stable voice. Young workers tend to job hop, so when they leave the tone of your site will likely change.

It’s tempting to put younger works on the front of your social media efforts because they’re tech savvy and familiar with the channel. But remember: Technology can be taught, business savvy is a skill that usually comes with experience.

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