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4 kinds of customers – and the best ways to deal with them

Do you know which customers prefer to chat or which want all the details? This guide to the four most common types can help agents decide their service style.

The way many customers approach their conversations with agents reveals how they like to do business.

In many cases, agents can put customers into one of these categories: Controllers, Thinkers, Feelers, Entertainers.

Then agents can use different strategies that keep each type of customer satisfied.

For one contact center, these strategies helped:

  • Controllers. They get to the point quickly by asking their question or raising their issue and often explaining exactly what they want. Agents need to give them fast answers, or frequent updates when issues can’t be resolved immediately.
  • Thinkers. They need to understand the process, so agents want to spend some time explaining what’s happened, is happening or will happen.
  • Feelers. They’re concerned and need to know everything will be alright. Agents need to use reassuring language with this group and get to solutions as quickly as possible.
  • Entertainers. They want to chat, and sometimes get sidetracked by the banter. Give them some small talk, then help them stay on task by referring back to the original issue.

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