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4 keys to be better at mobile customer service

Customers don’t just want service on the go; they expect it. And they expect it to be as easy as a phone call.

More and more companies have made service available at the touch of a mobile device, according to research from Forrester.

But it has to come from more than a company website that can be pulled up on a smartphone. Customers will look for another source for help — perhaps even to the competition — if they have to pinch and zoom to read copy, call or send a message.

Keep moving

To make your mobile customer service options more appealing to customers, follow these best-practice tips from the experts at Comm100, a provider of customer service software:

  • Enable service pros to work from mobile devices. Many apps are available that help employees support customer requests anywhere, any time. One key: Reps also need the ability to switch from mobile devices to desktop computers.
  • Make it seamless. Make sure that agents know what’s going on in all channels when they’re working in a specific one — like mobile.
  • Be quick and efficient. Simplify any content that is intended for mobile. You want customers to be able to read and operate on the limited space mobile devices offer. Also, no more than three keystrokes should be needed to access the majority of options on a mobile site.
  • Deliver content intelligently. Be proactive, but don’t be frequent with outgoing messages. Give them account updates, new offers and thank-you messages infrequently — or you’ll be seen as a spammer.

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