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4 keys to a better e-learning program

Contact center agents learn more from online tools than ever. Follow these keys to a better e-learning program.

  1. Make it timely. Train when a problem, topic or change is fresh in everyone’s mind. Relevance helps agents absorb and retain information.
  2. Use what you have. Rely on the technology you have. For instance, use workforce management to identify slow times for training. Rely on survey results to find areas for improvement and training topics.
  3. Make it personal. Beyond the topics that must be covered, let agents pick topics that interest them and the time they want to train on them.
  4. Balance training. Online training and follow-up quizzes are best for short chunks of info that need to be covered in short periods of time. Classroom and one-on-one training are still best for complex issues and soft skills, according to recent research by Ovum and VPI.

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