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4 in 5 of your peers will be marketing this way in 2011

If growth is on the agenda for 2011, you’ll want to consider this strategy.

Marketing is a key component of just about any company’s growth strategy, no matter what its size. And there’s good reason you’ll want to incorporate social media as part of that plan of attack.

Chances are your competitors are doing it: Four in five of your peers with more than 100 employees say they will go that route in 2011, according to a new report by eMarketer.

That’s a huge jump from the scant 42% who were tweeting and Facebooking about their biz in 2008. And by 2012, you could well be be one of the scant few not using this channel — that figure is expected to jump to 88% of your peers.

The key to success for small businesses

Even if you’re a smaller company, you can harness the power of social media to your company’s advantage. But it’s a slightly different game. Take Twitter, for example.

Sure, small businesses can set up Twitter accounts as a way to drum up interest in their companies. But beware: Business Twitter accounts don’t tend to generate much excitement (or attention).

That’s why you’d be better off setting yourself up a personal Twitter account. And encourage other key members of your corporate team to do the same. Then you can all tweet updates about your company from there.

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