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4 companies changing the way to help customers

Some companies have taken big strides in building better customer relationships using innovative ways. 

They’re trying different channels and optimizing tried and true means, according to experts at

Here are four examples and how you might integrate their successes into your customer service operations:

1. Maximize proactive service

Imagine how happy customers would be if they didn’t have to ever contact you with questions or problems. If everything ran seamlessly from inquiry to order to maintenance, they’d see you as a partner in their businesses and lives, and/or a concierge to their needs.

Those kinds of proactive service options are happening more often these days. Customer service reps waiting for customers to contact them happens a little less often.

Why? Products are smarter and, in some cases, they remain connected to companies and create a service ticket when there’s an issue. That allows customer service professionals to contact customers, let them know that an issue was detected and explain what can be done to evaluate it.

One example: Bitium, a small technology business that helps companies and individuals protect identities and handle online access, watches for customers who are having trouble logging in and then has reps proactively contact them to offer help.

2. An app for that

Because customers are connected to their phones — and the online business world beyond it — more and more companies are creating apps to enhance their existing customer service.

But only some of those apps are useful or valuable. Many are just fluff, created to be little more than a presence in the smartphone app world.

The best include links to relevant customer support information from web pages (optimized for smartphone use). They also have an easy-to-find button to connect with customer service.

A good example: Hinge, a dating app that helps customers find people within their extended social networks who might be good matches, gives customers the opportunity to find answers without leaving the app. In addition, Hinge keeps its database updated, so most customers don’t even have to reach out to service pros to get their answers.

3. Build a special team

Loyal customers are most companies’ bread and butter. They’re the first to recommend and buy more. That’s why many companies have created special teams or assigned a single person to be ready to help their most loyal customers at the drop of a hat.

For example, Amazon created Mayday for the Kindle customers who use their latest technology and extensive libraries and services. Those customers are often their super users. Mayday gives them single-click access directly from their device to a tech support rep, who can connect with them on the screen and troubleshoot issues almost as if they were sitting next to the rep.

4. Use text

More than 80% of people use text messaging, a Pew Research Center survey found. Most of those exchanges are between families, friends and colleagues. But innovative companies are breaking into that channel and using it as a solid support option.

One industry, in particular, has built a strong text program with its customers: airlines. Here’s how some of them have enhanced service with text:

  • Emirates sends customers flight numbers, dates of departure and arrival, terminal information and flight status updates when there are delays.
  • KLM lets customers know about gate changes, delays, cancellations and delayed baggage arrivals.
  • Qantas and Delta offer texts to family and friends waiting for travelers so they’re updated on the journey and when to expect their loved ones.
  • Jet Airways lets customers do low-fare searches and get account updates.

The key to making text work is getting customers to opt-in to information that’s valuable to them. Frequent promotions blowing up their phones won’t be as welcomed as information that affects how they can manage their time, business and lives.

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