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4 business clichés killing contact center operations

Longtime business clichés could be killing your contact center operations. These unwritten rules of business – about managing people, customers and expectations – may have worked at one time. But if you still follow them today, they could lead to a painful downfall, says business expert Mike Michalowicz.

Here are four ideologies that may need to be rethought or redesigned:

  1. The customer is always right. Suggesting this is a wrong way of thinking might be a bitter pill to swallow for contact center pros. So look at it this way: The customer is always the customer. That means the customer must be treated with respect, and not be blatantly told, “You’re wrong.” Instead, contact center pros need the authority to decide what the best course of action is so the customer and company come out winners.
  2. Always promote from within. Bottom line: Great team players don’t always make great leaders. A proven outside influence on operations and personnel can garner great results. When possible, allow employees the opportunity to give some input on hiring decisions.
  3. The bottom line is the only line. Thinking about how immediate decisions will affect the bottom line (for example, with return, warranty and discount policies) can prove more harmful than good. Instead, long-term revenue and customer loyalty should be the major factors in decision-making.
  4. Baptism by fire. Many companies try to make new employees productive ASAP by putting them right on the front line with goals to meet. They’ll sink or swim. Instead, realize new agents have a learning curve. Let them practice and give them opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them, rather than be punished for them.

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