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3 ways to win over more customers (and make some sales)

Customers won’t likely bite at your first mention of a new product or service. So try one of these tactics to win them over.

Customers will more likely buy into a new idea, try a different product or expand their service when agents try these approaches to influence them.

  • You can join an exclusive group. Rarity increases the perceived value of almost any product or service. If customers know they’ll be part of a select group, they’ll want in. Say, “We’re only letting our top customers try this in the first year.”
  • Be part of the crowd. No one likes to be left behind. In fact, customers are more likely to do something when others already do it. For example, when the phrase “If operators are busy, please call again” is used in infomercials, response dramatically increases compared to when the phrase “Operators are waiting” is used,” according to Guy Kawasaki’s book Enchantment.
  • Help Me. Ask customers for something – their opinion is often enough – and they’ll more likely feel comfortable buying into something new or different. You might say, “What do you think of this new extended service guarantee we’re offering? Is it something that would interest you?” If so, they might be in a good position to offer them a trial.

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