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3 signs customers will walk – and how to stop them

Customers give signs they’re about to dump you. Here’s how to read them and react.

Customers don’t go as quietly as you might think. They usually say something (at least subtly) about these top three reasons for leaving before they go.

When you  hear one of these complaints, act fast:

  • “It was better the first time.” Customers might feel ignored after the first sale because they don’t get as much attention for second and third sales. Instead: Give extra attention. Follow up on an order, question or call with a personal call (not e-mail that can look scripted).
  • “No one told me.” Customers feel like they’re not valued if their only contact with your company is when they call you. Instead: When you talk, invite them to opt in on e-mail newsletters, mailings or industry updates. Or offer to call or e-mail reminders when they’ll need to re-order.
  • “Why don’t I get that discount?” If loyal customers don’t get first-time customer deals, they’ll go somewhere else to feel that love. Instead: Offer them the same discounts, promotions and deals.

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