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Build loyalty: Tell customers today how “lucky” you are to have them

St. Patrick’s Day or not, it’s always a smart idea to let customers know that you’re happy and “lucky” to have them. Here are three ways to show it today.

Of course, you can use these ideas anytime of the year:

  • Put it in writing. Hand-written notes are the first thing people open in their mail because there are so few of them. During slower times, write a few notes explaining why you feel lucky to support a few of your most frequent customers.
  • Pass it up the chain of command. When customers compliment agents, we often ask them to tell the agent’s boss, too. Do the same for customers. Say, “You’re great to work with. I’m going to let my boss know how lucky we are to call you one of our customers.”
  • Give a little more. Whether it’s your time or a free sample, throw in something extra and tell customers that you’re doing it because you are grateful they’re with you.

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