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3 ways to pump up your listening skills

Care and concern usually come natural to contact center pros. Listening is a skill that comes with a little more fine-tuning. Here’s how to pump up yours.

When talking to customers, agents can make sure they’re listening as well as possible by:

  • Re-framing the key points customers make in the form of a question. It turns the average statement into an opportunity to learn more. Example: “You believe the refund amount is incorrect and need us to recheck the invoice and issue another check, right?”
  • Preparing a list of questions for the most common types of inquiries. Title lists by subject and keep them handy to ask if customers don’t cover everything you need when they talk.
  • Asking customers if you’re listening well enough. Survey customers formally or informally with this question: “Did we do a sufficient job of listening to your concerns?”

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