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Fast ways to motivate with words

Motivating agents sometimes doesn’t have to cost a thing. Saying the right thing can boost morale.

Here are three of the right things to say:

  1. “I just heard you fix that issue, and you were outstanding because …” The closer praise is given to the time of the behavior that deserves it, the more likely it will have a morale-boosting effect. Managers want to keep their ears to the ground for opportunities to praise immediately.
  2. “You’ve had great satisfaction scores. How do you think we can increase overall customer satisfaction?” Increase collaboration to motivate. Show agents you appreciate their efforts by asking for their opinions on important issues – and use them.
  3. “I’d like you take over the next meeting.” Rewarding agents with increased responsibility helps them step up in their career paths and feel a bigger part of the organization. One caveat: If you ask them to take on more work, remove some lower-level tasks from their plates.

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